Tuesday, June 27, 2023

Boardgaming in 2023 (first half)

 I have been fortunate enough to be involved in a several monthly boardgame gatherings this year, so far.  However, as far as playing at home goes - we have several new cats (only 1 year old) that are EXTREMELY curious of anything that we try to do on a table top.  That has prohibited a lot of board game play at home.

The boardgame monthly events I am referring to are:

Once a month I lead a boardgame group that meets at a local coffee shop.  We meet on the second Saturday of the month.

Once a month I help lead a boardgame group that meets at a local library.  We meet on the fourth Sunday of the month.

Anita and I try to have at least one weekend away together per month (some months we can't fit it in), and on those times we always take boardgames with us.

There is a local, weekly group that meets every Tuesday night at a game shop.  They play mostly Catan, but are open to other games (especially if I teach them!).

Finally, my weekly Wargame club night sometimes will settle for a boardgame instead of a miniatures wargame.

From all of that, I've been lucky enough to have played quite a few titles, although most of them are lightweight, I have played Clone Wars (the Pandemic version) and also Heat! several times each.  Great games.

Here is my list of played games (from Board Game Geek).

Heat: Pedal to the Metal 4
No Thanks! 4
Spots 4
6 nimmt! 3
Carcassonne 2
Castle Panic 2
7 Wonders: Architects 1
Alhambra: Roll & Write 1
Alhambra: The Dice Game 1
Amun-Re 1
ArchRavels 1
Cards Against Humanity 1
Casting Shadows 1
Copenhagen: Roll & Write 1
CVlizations 1
Downforce 1
Kodachi 1
Long Shot: The Dice Game 1
Plague & Pestilence 1
Sequence 1
So Clover! 1
Star Wars: The Clone Wars 1
Station Master 1
Ticket to Ride 1
Trekking Through History 1
Tsuro 1
USPS: The Great American Mail Race 1
Zombie Dice 1

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