Thursday, February 25, 2010

Battles of Westeros

Battles of Westeros - a new game from Fantasy Flight Games.

FFG has announced the new game they are going to produce in the BattleLore series.

This is a whole new standalone game, but based on the BattleLore system. It is called "Battles of Westeros" and is based on the world and armies of George R.R. Martin's "Song of Ice and Fire" series of novels. Very Cool.

The base game comes with two armies (representing the households of Stark and Lannister), hard mounted board, 138 miniatures, and lots of cards and markers. It is similar to BattleLore, but with some differences. Much less emphasis on magic (and Lore). The dice are a bit different. In the standard BattleLore/CC system there is a 6-sided dice with a Red banner, Blue Banner, and Green banner (along with retreat, wild, and lore). In this one there are 8-sided dice, with 3 Green Banners, 2 Blue Banners, and 1 Red Banner (so Green Troops are much more vulnerable than Blue troops and Red Troops, etc), and two other sides (retreat and wild).

It sounds quite cool.

A forum article on the differences

And a nice FFG article announcing the news

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