Friday, February 27, 2009

Response to the "Open Gaming" poll

Open Gaming at Conventions
1. Do you set up games using open gaming space at conventions?
Yes - Board Games
Yes - Miniatures Games
2. In your opinion should open gaming space be available:
Only "after hours" - such as after dinner, or after the main scheduled events are through.
3. Do you bring games with you to a convention, specifically for playing in open gaming space?
Yes - board games
Yes - Miniatures and Terrain
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Loose Files and American Scramble

Chris B tells me that Loose Files and American Scramble are a good set of rules. From reading them, I am intrigued enough to want to play.

They use a basing of three figures per stand, and work based on "d. points" where the "d." can stand for anything bad (damage, disorder, disintegration, democratic, diabolical, delightful, etc). They represent the cumulative burden a unit acquires both from the receiving of casualties, and also from fatigue and loss of command and control.

Movement is by dice (one or two average dice for infantry, an extra d6 for skirmishers, and an extra one or two d6 for cavalry). Not a bad system.

Bayonet and saber are resolved by comparing d6 rolls, higher rolling unit wins, difference determines results (even a unit that wins BIG takes a d. point - I like that).

Musketry are resolved by rolling 1d6 per stand (or per three figures, if a skirmish unit), and rolls of a 6 cause a d. point. Skirmish units also inflict d. points for approx half of the 5's rolled. Not bad - nice and simple.

These look pretty good - and they are free.

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AWI Rules for Wargaming (miniatures)

Interesting rules from the internet for American War of Independence. Prompted by a quest by Brian Compton for recommended rules, and fueled by some suggestions by a friend of mine in a far off land, here are a couple of internet rules that look to be of interest. An interesting online forum discussion on the topic is located at here.

Fire and Discipline by Rudy Scott Nelson. I always like Rudy's rules (Glory, Gard Du Corps, and others), and these are from the Deep Fried Mice website. They look interesting. Note that there are three versions - the "Firepower" ruleset, which emphasizes combat. The "Discipline" ruleset which emphasizes morale and command. And the "European" version that emphasizes streamlined play for convention battles. The sample armies are interesting, and they cover the British forces for the 1770s, but not the American. They could be extrapolated, however.

Bloody Backs looks to be quite good (my sort of game). It is fast, and resolves fire by a point system, with 1 point per base (usually a 6 figure base). To this total add 1d3, then modify by situation. Result is number of casualties. So a 12 figure (2 stand) unit starts with two points, rolls 1d3, adding an additional two points, but then gets this halved by target being behind hard cover (stone wall), for a total of two points. Two casualties suffered by the target unit. Simple, and fun.

American War of Independence by Will McNally. These rules have a similar flavor to some I have written. Movement is simple. Combat is based on a contested D6 roll for the entire unit. Firing is based on rolling 2d6 to get a score of 7+, after modifiers. Morale works the same way. Simple, elegant.

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Thursday, February 26, 2009

From HOTT to DBA to DBV??

De Bellis Velitum (rules on Phil Barker's website)

A very nice set of skirmish rules that follow the basic DBA/HOTT format, but the figures are individually based. Looks like it might be good for some skirmishy type games (such as a castle breach, tavern fight, forest road ambush, ship boarding, town fight, etc). This could be great for typical ancient or medieval figures, or could even be expanded to cover Pirates or Musketeers.

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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Warlord Figures - new ECW sprues announced

Warlord Games has announced new ECW figures sprues. I think this is a great idea, and in fact answered a survey for Wargames Factory that generic infantry sets for ECW or TYW (or both) would be a good seller. Evidently the blokes at Warlord were listening in.

Seriously though, the figures look good, and since the uniforms were pretty much identical (and not uniform) for both armies, it works amazingly well.

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Monday, February 23, 2009

The Physics of Candyland

So, why is this article so cool that it deserves an entry in Gaming with Chuck?

Because any article that invokes Schrodinger's Cat to describe candyland is awesome! That's why!

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Survey - Open Gaming at Conventions


Early Imperial Romans

Recently purchases an Early Imperial Roman army (painted, from a vendor at Williamsburg Muster). Turns out to have a few too many units for what I need, so I am selling off a couple of units. Posted an advertisement on The Miniatures Page.
TMP Advertisement

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Settlers of Catan - Cheops

Settlers of Catan Historical Scenarios specifically the Cheops variant, was played at the Turnitsa cottage recently. A very fun game, and a very different experience. This system never ceases to amaze me with its adaptability.


Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Russian Civil War project marches on

I'm getting ready for the Colonel Bulgarov game at Cold Wars. See the posting at the ODMS blog for details.

In so doing, I'm getting nearly a dozen units of Cossacks ready, as well as some bolshevik infantry. I hope to have my "Trotsky's Red Guards" done in time for photographing this weekend, along with some Tchankas.

On other fronts, I'm involved in an online RCW game down through email on the internet, and I HAVE to post my turn (I'm playing the Whites - Down with the Bolshevik Menace!)

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Monday, February 9, 2009

Williamsburg Muster - a Great Success!

Links and photos can be seen on the ODMS Blog

The convention was a huge hit with all who attended. It was a good time. There is a lot of anticipation for next year. I can't say enough thank yous to the guys in ODMS or to the two fellows from NJ who came down to help - Bruce and Mike.

Thank you all - I can't wait for next year!

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