Friday, February 27, 2009

Loose Files and American Scramble

Chris B tells me that Loose Files and American Scramble are a good set of rules. From reading them, I am intrigued enough to want to play.

They use a basing of three figures per stand, and work based on "d. points" where the "d." can stand for anything bad (damage, disorder, disintegration, democratic, diabolical, delightful, etc). They represent the cumulative burden a unit acquires both from the receiving of casualties, and also from fatigue and loss of command and control.

Movement is by dice (one or two average dice for infantry, an extra d6 for skirmishers, and an extra one or two d6 for cavalry). Not a bad system.

Bayonet and saber are resolved by comparing d6 rolls, higher rolling unit wins, difference determines results (even a unit that wins BIG takes a d. point - I like that).

Musketry are resolved by rolling 1d6 per stand (or per three figures, if a skirmish unit), and rolls of a 6 cause a d. point. Skirmish units also inflict d. points for approx half of the 5's rolled. Not bad - nice and simple.

These look pretty good - and they are free.

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Anonymous said...

how's the doctorate going ?

chuck said...

Meeting with the proposal committee next week. Then I can get engaged.