Friday, February 27, 2009

AWI Rules for Wargaming (miniatures)

Interesting rules from the internet for American War of Independence. Prompted by a quest by Brian Compton for recommended rules, and fueled by some suggestions by a friend of mine in a far off land, here are a couple of internet rules that look to be of interest. An interesting online forum discussion on the topic is located at here.

Fire and Discipline by Rudy Scott Nelson. I always like Rudy's rules (Glory, Gard Du Corps, and others), and these are from the Deep Fried Mice website. They look interesting. Note that there are three versions - the "Firepower" ruleset, which emphasizes combat. The "Discipline" ruleset which emphasizes morale and command. And the "European" version that emphasizes streamlined play for convention battles. The sample armies are interesting, and they cover the British forces for the 1770s, but not the American. They could be extrapolated, however.

Bloody Backs looks to be quite good (my sort of game). It is fast, and resolves fire by a point system, with 1 point per base (usually a 6 figure base). To this total add 1d3, then modify by situation. Result is number of casualties. So a 12 figure (2 stand) unit starts with two points, rolls 1d3, adding an additional two points, but then gets this halved by target being behind hard cover (stone wall), for a total of two points. Two casualties suffered by the target unit. Simple, and fun.

American War of Independence by Will McNally. These rules have a similar flavor to some I have written. Movement is simple. Combat is based on a contested D6 roll for the entire unit. Firing is based on rolling 2d6 to get a score of 7+, after modifiers. Morale works the same way. Simple, elegant.

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