Monday, September 1, 2008

Fabulous Flags

I guess by now, most gamers are aware of the treasures available at the Warflag website. This website, by Ian Croxall, offers many wonderful flags, from all sorts of conflicts, for free. Just download, adjust the scale, print out, cut out, and mount.

Readers of Gaming with Chuck should probably be aware of Cotton Jim's Flags (for some insight as to why Jim Russell is called Cotton Jim, buy me a beer at a convention, and I'll tell you the sad, sordid tale).

But, I have found yet another website that has wonderful flags to offer. This is the Danish Wargames website. Most of the site is in Danish, but if you click on Downloads, and then choose one of the topics across the top of the page, you will be treated to hundreds of gorgeous flags, all done in what Warflag refers to as the Textured style.

Finally, if one is interested in later Medieval and Renaissance flags (up through the 30 years war), then Alex's Flags is another useful website.

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