Tuesday, March 3, 2009

February in Wargaming

Painting Lately - all 15mm RCW all the time. Been painting Chekists, Trotsky's Train Guard, Bolsheviks, Armored cars (2x Rolls Royces and 1 Austin Putilov), Tanks (2x FT-17s), Tchankas (using the Flames of War models), and an armored train. I farmed out my Cossacks to the painting services of Carl Sciscio and company.

Organizing - acquired three new armies since February (at the Muster) - Early Imperial Romans, Polybian Romans, and a whole lot of 15mm French Italian Allies. I've peeled off four units from the EIR that I am trying to sell. I have to rebase much of the Polybian Romans, and I don't know what the heck I'm gonna do with the French Allies. All in all, its been a very Italian month.

Wargaming - ran TSATF at the Muster, played some WWII (but not Flames of War). Played lots of non-wargame boardgames.

Rules and Scenario writing - working on a RCW rules booklet, including the "strategems" non-campaign system. Begun work on "The Farmer and the Queen" scenario book for Boer skirmish games.

Oogling and planning - I've organized my 28mm Vikings for painting following Cold Wars; I've begun collecting pictures and making plans for some more 15mm Asian terrain (for RJW and also for a future Chinese Warlord/Chinese-Japanese project), that could also be used for vietnam; plastic Celts from Wargames Factory (oooh aaah); Hordes of the Things for Runequest (ask Chris); 15mm Napoleonics. More ancients (DBA, Warrior, MoA, WAB).


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Egyptoid said...

re: "Hordes of the Things for Runequest (ask Chris)"

must be nice to have all this time for gaming.