Tuesday, May 26, 2009

World of Greyhawk miniatures

Greyhawk Grognard has a great article on the old Minifigs line of World of Greyhawk miniatures.

Okay, so they looked a little wonky, but they had something that today's batch of fantasy miniatures usually lacks - individuality and creativity.

I loved the Elves of the Valley of the Mage, and the forces of the Great Kingdom. I still have a good sized contingent of Amazons from the Wild Coast, and I recall having a bunch of those Cairn Hills Cavemen (although in all the years of running World of Greyhawk role-playing games, I don't think I ever populated the Cairn Hills with Cavemen). For a map of the Hills see the great collection of WOG maps at Maps of Greyhawk (a great site).

Good stuff, and thanks to the Greyhawk Grognard for posting the pix.

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Gordon said...

Chuck - It's funny that you posted this when you did. I just had a random urge to look up some old greyhawk stuff and I ran across your post. I have some of the figs from this range - I love them even though they are homely by today's standards.

ColCampbell50 said...

I recognize the horses - they are the same ones MiniFigs uses for their War of the Roses knights. And I think that the mounted knights are from that line as well.