Thursday, October 29, 2009

SciFi bug hunt - questions, questions

Ganesha Games' "Song of Mutants and Death Rays" is high on my 'to acquire' list of miniatures rules.

One of the things I am thinking of doing with it is a Humans v. Giant Insects type scenario. Not bad for either (1) 1950s style atomic horror gaming, or (2) post apocalypse (remember the giant cockroaches from Damnation Alley? cool!). One of the issues will be finding suitable looking models for both the Humans and whatever they are going to be fighting. Today, there is a pretty big movement amongst SciFi miniatures manufacturers, and there are some very nice options out there. Almost too many.

But what to use for bugs? And what to use for humans? I am thinking (seriously) about 15mm Sci-Fi, but that seems a bit premature considering I just got lured back into 6mm, by Future War Commander. We'll see.



Anonymous said...

seriously looking for sci fi 6mm.

know anything ?

this is Elliott Egyptoid

chuck said...

Hey Bro - are you looking for miniatures, rules, or gaming opportunities?