Monday, May 6, 2013

19th Century Imaginations - Furstenberg Naval Elements

Additional units of the Furstenberg Navy have been completed.  Here are some photos.

Frigates in line against Armored Cruisers (note - blue splotch mistake on lead frigate - need to fix that)

Battleships in line (the four ships of the Queen class)

Spar Torpedo boats.  Converted lobstermen?

Overhead view of the matchstick boats

Queen Guinevere and Queen Gloriana
Queen of the May, Queen Titania, and Queen Guinevere, threatened by spar torpedoes

Armored Cruisers (left to right) Junebug (with the raked stack), Moondog, and Weevil

The Weevil leading the line against a line of Screw Frigates

Screw Frigates mounting broadside guns, vs. Armored Cruisers with modern turrets

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