Thursday, August 29, 2013

Race Night in Columbus!

Board gaming night tonight in Columbus (GA) at Moxie Games.

I learned how to play Dreadball - that was a lot of fun!  A science fiction themed version of Bloodbowl implemented by Mantic, and using the figures from their sci fi universe.  The game comes with Corporates (humans) and Marauders (space orcs).  It is a lot of fun, and for a somewhat simple structure, has a lot of nuance to it in both decision making and also in structure.  Excellent!  I look forward to more in the future.

Following Dreadball, I helped to demo a couple of games of Formula D.  We ran two races, the first with five players, and the second with seven players.  Both great games.  I actually played in the second, and came in second place (which is EXTREMELY rare for me in Formula D - I almost always wipe out).

The first race was in Hockenheim, and it was a very good race, with Steven (a new player I met tonight, who also learned Tsuro and the X-Wing Miniatures Game) being the first to crash and burn!  He did much better in the second game, finishing third place, I believe.

Hockenheim - from Track Pack #2 (Asmodee)

The second race, which is a tougher course (without the great big straightaways of HockenheimRing) was Valencia.  Both courses are part of the 2nd Asmodee track pack (from 2009).  This one came in to the final turn with my car in the lead - 14 spaces from the finish line, and I was in 4th gear.  My nearest competitor was Rob, and he was three spaces behind me, and also in 4th gear.  I pushed it up to 5th gear, rolled the dice, and came up with an 11. 
Rob came up second, and was able to cross the finish line with his dice roll.  A great game, and I only did good because I got some lucky breaks.  I think the dice were treating me kindly tonight so I would bring the game out more frequently, because they usually savage me like a Zulu warrior taking apart a steak dinner.

Valencia - from Track Pack #2 (Asmodee)

It looks like next week will feature Settler's of Catan themed games for Game Night at Moxie (in Columbus GA).  Please come and play, if you can!
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