Tuesday, January 14, 2014

War of the Roses project officially started

Just last week, a package found its way down the frigid rivers of Balkania, via tramp steamer.  Once leaving the ice choked and alpine fringed waterways of the January landscape in that wartorn land, it made its way deep south, past the equator, into the Umbongo rain forest, to the Mission House at the rail head of the Trans-Umbongo railroad.  From there, it traveled by llama train to the heights of the Boruckistan mountains. Blessed in a monastery, the package was then sent by carrier vulture to GwC headquarters.

What was in the package? Why, an Old Glory box containing the beginnings of the Lancastrian army project for the War of the Roses.  The initial order is enough to allow the building of three large units of billmen, and a pair of associated longbowmen units for each.  The billmen units will be 24 figures strong, mounted on six man stands.  The longbowmen units will be 12 figures strong each, mounted on three man stands.

I received 60 bill armed figures; 60 bow armed figures; and 30 assorted command figures.  The unit consist for each of the billmen units is 20 bill armed figures, plus one standard bearer, one musician, one Nobleman, and one lesser Noble or Champion.  24 figures.  The consist for each of the six 12 figure longbowmen units is ten figures with longbow, one leader, and one musician.

The official start of the project took place on Saturday past. I opened and began cleaning the longbow armed figures. Pictures will be forthcoming, chronicling the progress.

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