Monday, May 25, 2015

Memorial Day Weekend Gaming

Played a few things this weekend, and read some nifty miniatures rules.

First, I have been playing around with Star Wars: Imperial Assault from FFG.  Great game, but it have been giving the Skirmish game some thought, and trying to justify making up scenarios using the old Star Wars collectible figure game maps to use...

Today we played two board games with some friends.

First, there was the 10th Anniversary version of Ticket to Ride.  What a lovely (and LARGE) re-do of a great game.  I only wish that the 10th Anniversary edition came with rules for all the Mega variants in the ticket deck.

Second, we played the Reiner Knizia camel fest, Through the Desert.  What a fun game.  Some problems because of pastel colored camels ("They look like Lucky Charms marshmallows!!").  But the game went rather well.
Some of the gamer activities I have been stewing in have been getting the new website for the Guns of August convention a living thing. 

I have also been reviewing the new Sailing Ship rules from Osprey.

Reports and reviews coming up.

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