Sunday, September 27, 2015

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away

So, the most excellent new gaming magazine from Flying Pig Games has recently come out with issue number 3.  The magazine is Yaah!, and it covers all manner of board games - many historical, but also science fiction and fantasy.

I will leave it to the readers of the blog to discover the goodness of the magazine (if you haven't, please do yourself a favor and purchase a copy - full color, excellent articles, and a game in every issue).  But I will toot my own horn by saying that in issue three I have had an article (actually two, but they are connected, as you will see) published. 

Yep - that X-Wing/IA mini-campaign mentioned on the cover is Me!

The first article is a mini-campaign for the Star Wars X-Wing miniatures game (from Fantasy Flight games).  The mini-campaign is actually fought as one battle, but as they resolve it, the players are also rolling dice to see how two concurrent battles are turning out.  If one side or the other wins one of those other battles, then they have the possibility of sending reinforcements to the main battle.  It is an interesting scenario, and one I borrowed from "Hey You in the Jail" (miniature rules by Martin Goddard, from Peter Pig).  The Star Wars article in Yaah! magazine, introduces some interesting features that will make it useful for other X-Wing mini-campaigns, other than the one presented in the article.

Now, I mention that I also had a second (but related) article, and that one is a Star Wars Imperial Assault mini campaign (a series of linked scenarios like the campaign that comes in the booklet with the main game).  This time it is related to the results of the X-Wing game (or you can play it alone).  It has to do with a small group of rebel commandos trying to capture a space station (that their starfighter squadron recently secured, or hopefully so, in the X-Wing scenario).  The starting conditions are necessarily different if the Imperial Forces won the X-Wing scenario, but internally many of the scenarios are similar.  Again, some unique stuff that is pertinent to this mini-campaign is presented as part of the article, I hope you get a chance to read it.

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