Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Play test 1 of From the Sky We Came

Notes from my first play test of the Samurai era wargame rules I recently posted.. I didn't have my camera with me, so no photos yet.

After organizing my Feudal Japanese figures last night, I set out a few to represent some Clans of two different armies, and I went through the clan activation part of the game.  Some observations-

First, having markers on Clan Leaders showing their Command value is a huge time saver. Same with Bushi.

Second, if a unit is less than half strength and loses a morale test, it should disperse - otherwise small units might be littering the table forever.

Third, ninjas. I have some ninjas in my collection, and I need to include ninjas.  Just a few, like garlic on pizza, should go a long way.

Melee combat - I'm not sure I am crazy about having melee resolved after one dice toss.  I might change to a system with pushback and Bushi tests.

Not sure about the need for formations. I included rules for a column (to move through a village, mountain pass, or bamboo forest) but otherwise, just in a battle formation.

Basing.  I am torn between a square base method and a regular linear WRG type method, but I plan to rebase the collection.

Here is a scene from a TV drama showing a dramatization of the cavalry charge during the battle of Nagashino (1575), against the first recorded use of volley fire in Japan.  Interesting, but great images of armor and horse equipment.

And, for further research, the movies of Kurosawa are always welcome. This is a clip from Ran, showing a unit of Ashigaru firing from under cover and disrupting a cavalry charge. Great imagery of Sashimono, but the representation of units is very fluid compared to how wargamers typically represent bodies of troops.  Kurosawa might not be strictly historical, but it is very inspirational imagery.

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