Sunday, December 31, 2017

The fourth quarter of 2017

This has been a busy few months, and while I haven't updated the blog lately, but I have been busy.

I have been gaming with ODMS (weekly at World's Best Comics, in Newport News), as much as my work and teaching schedule will permit.  Those have been mostly miniatures games, some run by me, some by other club members. Most notably, in December I ran a very lopsided Russian Civil War game. More on that later.

I have been running some roleplying game sessions.  A family only fantasy game, here at GwC HQ, has been great.  I had a good time with a one shot Traveller game.  Recently I ran a more public AD&D (2ed) game at WBC. All fun.

Lots of board game sessions at the house, mostly family oriented.  New Titles we like include Photosynthesis and TtR:Rails to Sails.

I have gotten a new hobby painting are set up.  Hopefully I will see some new figures soon.

2018 looks bright, the Lord has been good this past year, and the gaming has been fine.


Ed M said...

Good to hear from you, Chuck. Some day I hope to make it to one of the ODMS conventions. Happy New Year.
Ed M

Charles Turnitsa said...

Thanks Ed - what are you playing these days?

Ed M said...

I ran a large game for my club (the link for which on my blog I tried to paste here, but which didn't take), Ramillies 1815. This wound up taking most of my hobby energy for the Fall, and I'm just recovering from the chaos it left behind in my gaming area. I hope to get things sorted and turn to more 19th Century continental war projects and maybe some 17th Century gaming in the upcoming months.

Ed M

Charles Turnitsa said...

Sounds like it was a game for the record books! Did you guys take any pictures?