Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Random Squid Encounter Generator

Every GM needs the ability to generate a random Squid encounter in most roleplaying games. This set of handy charts pre-supposes that the squid in question is capable of flight through the air, and of surviving out of water. Other than that, all details are determined from the following tables. Unless otherwise directed, determine a random character to be the focus of the encounter, and then roll once on each table, and let the good times happen.

Type of Squid?
  1. Micro-Squid (1d4 inches long), 1d12 squid
  2. Normal Squid
  3. Normal Squid, in Appearance, but intelligent and capable of speech
  4. Brightly Colored Squid, (1d4, 1 lime green; 2 hot pink; 3 electric blue; 4 shifting colors)
  5. Really Big Squid (2d12 feet long)
  6. Humongous Squid (1d100 feet long)
Where is the Squid?
  1. On the ground, near the player (random direction, 1d6 ft away)
  2. In the clothes of the character (1d6 - 1-3, pants or skirt; 4-5, shirt; 6 hat or helm)
  3. Floating in the air, near the character's head
  4. In a previously unknown nearby pool of water
  5. Appears in mid-air 20 feet above the character, and falls on him
  6. Squid appears in a dimensional crack (random direction, 2d20 feet away) and is driven towards the character by a servitor being to an elder god
Squid Special Abilities
  1. Burst into flame
  2. Secretes special oils that will grant the ability to perform pleasing, artistic renditions of Kuo-Toa poetry and love ballads
  3. Squirt special ink that is invisible and can be seen through.
  4. Emit psionic ink that negates all thought, magic, mental powers, and free will within 1d6x10 feet
  5. Squid will "gate" in 2 identical squid every 3 turns, beginning with the 3rd turn after appearing. Additional squids have this same ability, but all other attributes should be diced
  6. Squid has a glowing organ, that while still alive, will attract any members of the opposite gender to the character holding the squid
  1. Escort the squid to the nearest salt water source, reward will be blessings from the priesthood of the high squid church
  2. Curse of the squid - character has all limbs transformed into squidly tentacles - must defeat the squid in man-to-squid combat in order to remove the curse
  3. Squid (and now his new friend, the character) are pursued by fanatical members of the anti-squid squad (bearing powerful weapons and abilities, and bent on the destruction of all squids and their allies)
  4. Squid is the key to a dimensional portal that will EITHER be used by an elder god seeking to destroy reality, or the servitors of a promethean power that will help protect this dimension. Only the squid knows for sure.
  5. The secret order of Hamis knows of the squid's value in opening the lost temple of Dev'Menkis Dev'Mall in the salt desert. The squid must be kept alive.
  6. No quest, the appearance of the squid is the random and capricious act of a harsh universe


Egyptoid said...

The squid in question moved to Virginia in cheap landgrab scheme with its parents.

chuck said...

ye of small vision