Tuesday, July 1, 2008

June 28 Gameday - big success

We had a board game day at the Turnitsa house on Redbud, this past weekend, and it was a smashing good time.

Attendees were:
Carol and Bob
Sharon and Alan
Anita and Chuck

We played a couple of games, some new, some old.

Elixir (fantasy card game of French design, published by Mayfair) - this was pretty good, but seemed to drag a little. We did have a lot of players (7) in this one.

Through the Desert (with four players) - one of my favorites - most of the players were noobs, or had only played once a long time ago. I think this one works better with three, but that's just me.

Ticket to Ride Europe (three players) - always a good game.

TransAmerica (three players) - Carol took a nose-dive in this one. Fun, but spectacular disaster for Carol.

Colosseum (four players) - Alan and Sharon got there just a little too late for him to join in on Colosseum, but next time I think he would like it. We enjoyed it (I won - breaking Jon's winning streak). Cool game.

Carcassonne Hunters and Gatherers (five players) - Not enough Fishing Huts at the end, but it looked like it was pretty close.

Finally, the evening ended up with Boom Blox being played on the Wii.

I would have loved to play some more board games, but due to the sore-throat I brought back from Scotland, my voice gave out, so the only thing I had left in me was hacking and wii-ing.

Missed Games, that I definitely want to try in the very near future - Thurn und Taxis, Memoir 44, and BattleLore.