Saturday, September 26, 2009

Great Scenario Articles

Ross Macfarlane has put on his website the first three quarters of a romp through the CS Grant and S Asquith book "Scenarios for All Ages". I have a copy of that book, and it is great. It fits neatly within an "old school wargamer's library" - see Col Campbell's Barracks for a brief comment.

Ross has put up a couple of different sections, each with links to refights of the games (often using his own self-made figures, and often using his own rules). They are here:
Scenarios 1-9
Scenarios 10-18
Scenarios 19-27
Scenarios 28-36

Ross uses his own rules for some of the games. He has a good looking set of Renaissance rules called Rough Wooing. He also has a similar set of rules for Horse and Musket called Heart of Tin.

In addition to his own rules, Ross also (apparently) enjoys Warhammer Ancient Battles and Cold War Commander. Wise man, Ross. :)

All in all, some nice old school wargaming going on over there!


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