Saturday, September 12, 2009

Punic War Fun

The ODMS Blog has an After Action Review of a Punic War battle, fought September 10, at the Hangar.

The game was pretty good, but the Roman side used completely the wrong (ahistorical) army list. We used the Early Imperial Roman army list, rather than the Republican Roman army list. I would like to fight a similar battle again (using Warhammer Ancient Battles, with armies of 4000 points per side) using the proper army lists (from "Hannibal" - the Punic Wars supplement).

Some inspiration . . .

A good video of Zama, using live action dramatization. The Elephants and the anti-Elephant tactics are good.

A two part, more in-depth exploration of the battle of Zama, and some Punic War background. Relies a lot on computer animation, but it is good.


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