Friday, November 13, 2009

More missing mutations

More fun for Songs of Mutants and Death Ray Guns . . .

Weather Manipulation - The Mutant must take 2 actions to activate this mutation. Then, based on a 3d6 Q check, he may change 1, 2, or 3 aspects of the weather (either temperature, cloud cover, or wind).

Empathy - As Telepathy, but affects all models within Short range.

Life Leech - treat as Telepathic Scream, out to Short Range. If any target is knocked-out, then the Mutant receives a Force Field.

Displacement - Whenever the Mutant receives an attack that results in a Knock Down, Kill, or Gruesome Kill result then that Mutant immediately rolls 3d6 against Q. If it is Knocked Down, then it must score 1 success to Displace. On a Kill it must score 2 successes, and on a Gruesome Kill it must score 3 successes. If it succeeds, then the model is placed, in a random direction, one Medium stick away. Note that it will not displace into a harmful situation (i.e. - mid air, over a lava pit, in front of an onrushing hovertrain, etc).

Acid - treat as Poison.

Emit Radiation Field - As Radiation Energy Projection, but affects all models within Medium stick.

Electrical Generation - Electricity Hand-to-Hand attack. Lethal against Robots and Androids.

Resistance to Mental Attacks - Mental Shield

Total Resistance to Mental Attack - Mind Block

Immune - as Absorption towards a particular type of attack (Radiation, Heat, Sonic, Light)

Precognition - Danger Sense

Heightened Intelligence - as per Psychometry

Radioactive - On a successful Hand-to-Hand attack, target must make a Radiation Check.

Coated in Poison, Acid - as per Poison

Telekinesis - as Telekinetic Disarm (may also grab other small objects)

Repulsion Field - as Telekinetic Shield

Mobility - treat as Medium Movement

Manipulative Vines - treat as Entangle

Increased Metabolism - requires 2 food per week.

Molecular Disruption - The Mutant may make an attack as per a Death Ray Gun, except it is Lethal against all targets. When using this mutation, the Mutant is immediately knocked unconscious (whether it is successful or not). The Mutant must eat two Food per week.

Symbiotic Attachment - Whenever the Mutant makes a H-t-H attack, and scores either a Kill or Gruesome Kill, the target is instead Controlled (as per Telepathy). The controlling Mutant may make the victim do whatever he/she likes, but it must remain in Contact with the controlling Mutant.

Mass Mind - When in contact with other Mutants with Mass Mind, this allows all Mental Mutations to be employed as a "group effort". This means that all attempts to use Mental Mutations will be treated as always having a minimum of 1 success.

Chameleon Powers - May start game in Ambush

Carapace, Armor - Treat as Flak Jacket

Fear Generation - Terror

Intuition - Danger Sense

Fear Impulse - treat as Phobia

Shoot/Spit Poison - treat as Short Range attack, if successful, roll vs. Poison as with a Needle Gun attack.

Levitation - Fly

Attraction Odor - Allure

Small - Ground movement is reduced by one category (not below Short Stick). Also, all ranged attacks against this mutant are at -1.

Density Increase - Short range. With 1 success, may make the target Larger or Smaller by 1 category, for 1 turn. With 2 successes, the change is permanent. With 3 successes, the change may be 2 categories. The categories are - Small, Normal, Big, Huge.

Anti-Life Leech - Whenever attacked by Life Leech or Telepathic Scream, the results are automatically reversed.

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