Sunday, November 15, 2009

Mutant Future Links - and Spider Goats

More links concerning Mutant Future. The inspirational pictures of Spider goats are to set the mood for Mutant Future (see the book for details, but trust me - spider goats are totally bad encounters).

Chatty DM says "Dude, you gotta try Mutant Future!"
A Brave New Weird has some great MF stuffSavage Afterworld discusses the goodsMutant Foursome scores on some great MF articles, with artwork (like the Pigmen). Here is a video showing RARE EVIDENCE of Pigmen being aquatic raiders...

Mutagenic Substance has some really interesting content. And an entry on Robot (home)Sexuality.Finally, this website has downloads for the rules, etc for the first three editions of Gamma World. Interesting . . .

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