Saturday, December 18, 2010

Christmas Gaming at GwC Headquarters

I have a little bit of time off, so am planning to do some relaxing and spend some quality time with the other staff members of GwC (Wife, Daughter, 2 cats).

My relaxing, of course, includes gaming! I have the following planned:

  1. Play a game of Napoleonics using Shako II rules (Dec 18).
  2. Run a game of 1980s armored combat using Cold War Commander and micro armor (Dec 20).
  3. Run a game of The Sword and the Flame, using 28mm figures (Dec 23).
  4. Play Battles of Westeros (the game I got through the BGG secret santa program).
  5. Play C&C:Napoleonics (purchased through GMTs P500 program).
  6. Continue to prepare adventure and characters for MarsCon old school D&D gaming (as reported on in Valley of the Old Ones).
  7. Continue to support prep for Williamsburg Muster.
Reports on all activities will, of course, be presented here at Gaming with Chuck.  Watch this space!


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