Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Cold War Commander - East Germany vs. West Germany, 1968

I got to play a game of Cold War Commander yesterday at the Hangar. We used Microarmor to do a small 1968 clash between mixed forces from West Germany vs. East Germany.

 West Germans - a pair of Leopards, four M-47s and 6 squads of Infantry riding in HS-30s. Backed up by a small battery (3 tubes) of 155mm US provided artillery.
West German HS-30
East Germans - T-55s led the way, supported by a pair of vintage JS-IIs, backed up by BRDM-1s (with Saggers) and BTR-60s carrying a mix of East German infantry, and some weapons teams (12.7mm HMGs).
BRDM-1 with AT-3 Sagger

We fought over a forested area, with a lovely scenic pond in the middle of the battlefield. The M-47s were caught in the open by the T-55s, but the higher training and initiative of the West German tankers proved too much for the godless communists.
JS-II - Josef Stalin would be proud.

The pair of JS-2s tried to get the jump on the HS-30s (and destroy them before they disgorged the infantry) but the West Germans were again too fast, and they deployed out of the APCs. The East German infantry came up behind the Stalin tanks, and there was a lot of death on both sides. In a moment of terror - the West German scouting element (a couple of long range patrol infantry scouts, with a dog and some binoculars) were brutally gunned down by DDR machine gunners.
Leopard-1 - a later model, but still a lovely tank.
In the end it looked like the decadent West won the battle. More should follow as Scott and I vowed to play more of this great ruleset, and more frequently.
M-47 - in Curious "Battle of the Bulge" movie livery.


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