Tuesday, June 5, 2012

300th Posting: Geek and Sundry

Here it is - the legendary and much anticipated 300th post on Gaming with Chuck.

All of the cats at GwC headquarters are dancing and honing their 7 Wonders skills in honor of this prestigious event.

The posting this time is in honor of a great online independent Geek Culture video blog (vlog?) collection called Geek and Sundry. Loads of great stuff, including the Table Top set of videos by Wil Wheaton. All surprisingly good (and even better if you already like The Guild). (and who doesn't?)


(here is the list to just the Table Top videos - but really, if you have any Geek street cred, you'll wanna watch all of the video series from Geek and Sundry)

By the way, this is the 300th posting, so the homage to Miller and Varney's excellent comic up above.  But that also reminds me - the Spartans expansion to Command & Colors is out.  WooHoo!  Something else on the "must have" list for GwC staff.

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