Friday, June 8, 2012

Strange Adventures afoot over at Valley of the Old Ones

So, I am in the middle of a "Week of Adventure Locations" over at my fantasy roleplaying blog, Valley of the Old Ones.

I had been working on an area of my setting that is peopled by a group of viking-like warriors, viewed by the main strain of Humanity as being somewhat barbaric, known as the Storm King tribes (the Storm King is their chief Diety, not at all unlike a mixture of Odin and Thor). A part of the setting that these tribes inhabit is a great river valley, and they have a number of settlements there, called (collectively) the eight Steadings of the River Jarls.

In writing up settings, while I like coming up with an interesting back story, and interesting encounters and characters to populate the setting, I never like to pass up the chance to deposit an adventure location that the players might seek out in the game. Something that will lead to a more traditional dungeon or other adventure setting, but one that fits in with the background of the area.

So, I set for myself the goal of writing up the eight Steadings of the River Jarls within a week, and along with the description of each of the Steadings, I am including an "Adventure Location".

So far, the first few are finished and the adventure locations are these:

  • The Dungeons of Igo Umblar, half buried under the Ice Father glacier.
  • The thorny portal, a curious open doorway to the Unseely Court, guarded by an unaging elfin maid known as the Princess of Roses.
  • The desolate and abandoned Gnome dungeons under the Tower of Ontigar, at the center of the jewel strewn lifeless lands known as the Scorch. 

Fair warning, however, if you go to check out the articles, most of them have to do with the setting (the description of the Steading of the Jarl in question), with the adventure location being the last few paragraphs in the article linked to.

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