Sunday, September 16, 2012

New Painting Plan - Garage Painting Haven

So, now that we are getting settled pretty nicely in our house in Georgia, I have been giving some serious thought to (1) a new painting area, and (2) a new painting project.

As I got busy the last few years of my PhD in Virginia, I pretty much neglected painting, and my painting room really become more of a storage room, with all kinds of stuff stacked up in there, so I wasn't able to paint.

The new house has a really nice, really large garage, and I have a plan for organizing it (really it will take about 1 serious Saturday to get it done - mostly it involves building some modular shelving and putting a bunch of bins of holiday stuff, etc, up on those shelves.

Once that is done, I plan to convert one wall of the garage into my work space.  There was a really nice, large industrial desk left behind, with a separate piece that was used as a printer stand.  With a pretty nice large cutting mat, or a piece of wood or plexiglass laid down on the surface, it will make a perfect painting desk.

The only problem I see is this - Georgia stays pretty warm most of the year (at least the part we are living in).  I can put a window A/C unit out there to keep me cool while working there (along with a rotating fan or two, and I should actually be pretty comfortable). But what about paints.  Is it okay to (permanently) store hobby paints (vallejo; craft store acrylics; artist acrylics; GW paints; etc) in a space that routinely gets into the upper 80s in temperature?

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