Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Monstrous Mondays - Contribution to Blog List

In contributing to the great effort to collect Monsters (for Gaming) on Mondays during October, I offer up the following list (all from my Fantasy RPG blog, Valley of the Old Ones), of home-brew monsters that I cooked up during adventure writeups in my setting, devised over the past few months.

The Monstrous Mondays effort was kicked off by Tim Brannan, over at The Other Side Blog.

Monstrous Monday

Filth Prawns (lesser and greater)

Ecology of the Rot Troll

Shadow Cultists

Dark Elves of Werms

Assorted other Horrific Monsters


Timothy Brannan said...

That's a lot of monsters! I'll have to go through each one.

Thanks so much for participating in my bloghop, I really appreciate it.

chuck said...

My pleasure! Thanks for setting up the bloghop.