Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Traveller Tuesdays

I have been wanting to work on some science fiction gaming topics for some time, now, but I have not had the time. Just recently, as an exercise in practicing some new programming skills, I began writing a simple gaming app.

What the project consists of is a way to add system information to a planetary system for Traveller. It assumes you already have a UWP (Universal World Profile) and then fills in details as per the new Mongoose book on Scouts.

This got me thinking, what if I wanted to run sone Traveller? Would I use an existing setting (Spinward Marches, Vanguard Reaches, Gateway Quadrant)? Would I generate my own sector (14 Suns)? Or would I dispense with interstellar travel altogether, and have all the a tion take place in a single super high population system (with lots of planetary, sattelite, and artificial environments that are populated)?

After a few days thouts, I think I am going to use the Gateway Quadrant, the Crucis Margin sector in particular, and start developing some settings, patrons, and Amber Zone encounters. This will probably migrate to a different blog, with announcements here on interesting postings.

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