Monday, December 17, 2012

15mm Wargaming, Mexican American War

Over the weekend I was invited to play with BAGGs (Benning, Alabama and Georgia Gamers).  They do historical miniatures once a month.

This month, they played a game of Mexican-American war.  I got to command a Brigade on the U.S. side, coming ashore against a Mexican mixed force of peasants and regular army.  The regular army held a hill crest, augmented with several batteries of modern artillery, and the whole had a large screening force of irregulars who came out to meet the U.S. forces coming ashore.  Our forces includes U.S. Regulars, U.S. Marines, and elements of the Texas Navy (irregulars, formed up from crews on the gunboats and paddle-wheelers that landed us).

It was a great game, using some homebrew rules that Bob and Ed (two of the guys at the core of the group) wrote a number of years ago.  The rules are called "Blood and Guts" and they have played them a lot, and used them at conventions at Siege of Augusta and other cons.

Here are a few pictures from the game.  You can see the Mexicans pretty clearly, and then the U.S. troops (that is part of my command) coming up to meet them.

Mexican force - Irregular Infantry on the left, Regular Cavalry on the right.

U.S. Regular Infantry advancing.

The forces begin their engagement.  There were still Regular Mexican Infantry across the river, and it was only ankle deep, so my right flank had to be protected.

Birds Eye View of the engagement.


Rob said...

Looks like a fun game - what figures were you using? - I can see what look like some Freicorps horse sculpts, but am unsure about origins for most.

chuck said...

Not sure, but I will ask. The collection belongs to a friend, and I would bet at least some are Freikorps. Maybe some 19th Century, maybe even some older Minifigs.