Thursday, December 20, 2012

Wargaming Wednesdays - battlefield effects

Sometimes in battles the unexpected happens. Units perform without orders; reinforcing elements arrive late (or early) ( or not at all); supporting elements don't; and individual officers are often anything but predictable.

But how to translate this into a tabletop miniatures game without a lot of complication? One way is with card driven events. This is down well in the excellent ruleset, The Sword in Africa. Also by Patrick Wilson's random event decks for TSATF. Charles Grant, in his Programmable Wargames Scenarios handles it for the solo wargaming by providing dice driven results for one or both sides in a solo game. The recent generation of card-driven board wargames handle it by linking events to troop activation. The ACW ruleset (and it's many variants) Fire and Fury handles it through a maneuver dice table where unpredictable move results can occur.

A simple system is suggested here, with fleshed out details next time.

Every third turn (3, 6, 9, etc) after all moves and combats are done, both sides roll a dice. High roller has the whim of fate on his side, temporarily. If the high roller had an even number, then some benefit accrues to his forces. If it is an odd number, then something negative happens to his foe.

Specific results will be in a future add-on to this posting.

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