Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Reaper Bones Kickstarter - Shipping soon!!

So - Last year, I decided to back the Reaper Miniatures "Bones" Kickstarter.  And I am glad I did.  I went in for the $100 level (called the "Vampire" package).  And for that I get a metric ton of miniatures, in the new resin material that they are casting in.

Here is an awesome website detailing the over 200 figures that are in the Vampire package (currently, they would be valued at  $1153.52, and that doesn't include 24 new miniatures that don't have a current price).  Hover over the figures in the image on that page, to see a detailed shot of each miniature, and it's current cost to purchase (outside the kickstarter).

This is a win for the fans (like me) who get a ton of gorgeous miniatures for cheap, and also for Reaper, because it allows them to MASSIVELY expand this line of new material based miniatures.  Previously their Bones line was 22 figures.  The Kickstarter money gave them the capital to begin really expanding that line.  Basically, once setup fees and mold design, etc, are done - making resin figures costs less than nothing per piece.  Handling, packaging, shipping, advertising - those are the costs once setup is done.  But unlike metal molds, I understand that plastics and resins have VERY expensive processes involved.  So - the Kickstarter.

Anyway, here is a video of the unboxing - what is in the set (in a big-picture sense) -

For a better look at the actual miniatures included - check this out -

And here is a static image of what was included in the Vampire package.  Basically, as the Kickstarter campaign progressed, more and more got added to the basic package.  Until *Voila* Loads of cool miniatures, for $100.

They are (I understand) on time to ship in March.  I expect my nifty box of goodies to come very soon now. (I upgraded my order by adding in some paint sets, and some Cthulhu Mythos miniatures - it makes me all gooey just thinking about it).


chuck said...

Wow - just read a posting by Reaper Bryan on their forum - the boxes are going out tomorrow for Domestic US shipping.


Anonymous said...

Try June.

chuck said...

Agreed. Evidently, with 18,000 orders, they couldn't get them all out in March. It's going to take a while. Still, at least it is moving.