Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Traveller Tuesdays - System Details, Etzina (Ark/0401)

Using the system presented earlier to generate the content of a system, we'll present the contents of the world system of Etzina. 

Note: A later blog post here has details of the World Map for Etzina.

Etzina is a world in the Ark subsector, hex 0401. This is a fairly high population world, with a first class starbase, and a Naval Base, in Sphere Fenix.  It is, without a doubt, an important world in the Sphere.

         Etzina        0401 A454979-E  N            110 Sx

Looking at those stats, we can see that the following is known about the mainworld.

UWP:A454979-ELocation:Crucis Margin/0401System:Etzina
Starport:AExcellent Starport (Shipyard: Starships; Repair: Overhaul; Fuel: Refined)
Planetary Size:4Small (e.g. Mars) (5,600-7,199km)
Hydrosphere:4Wet World (35 - 44% water)
Government:7Balkanization. (No central ruling authority exists. rival governments compete for control.)
Law Level:9High Law (No weapons outside home)
Tech Level:EAbove Average Interstellar Community
Base(s):Naval Base (Imperial)
Zone:Green: Unrestricted
# of Planetoid Belts:1# of Gas Giants:0

Interesting world, especially to have such a high population (1 billion), given that it has a thin atmosphere.

Okay, following the procedure from the system generator article, we have the following.

There are a total of 7 interesting orbits.

The first 3 of those are in the Jump Shadow of the star (the star has the name "6935 Mao Xiu" from the original earth colonists).

The first 2 orbits are in the inner zone, and the last two orbits are in the outer zone, leaving 3 interesting orbits in the Habitable Zone.

System: Etzina (0401 A454979-E)
Star: 6935 Mao Xiu (Jump shadow extends past first three orbits)
  1. (Inner Zone) Schofield (Small Ice World) Size 2
  2. (Inner Zone) Isenberg (Small Terrestrial World) Size 3, 2 moons
  3. (Habitable Zone) Kannaday (Terrestrial World) Size 7
  4. (Habitable Zone) Etzina (Terrestrial World) Size 4, 1 moon
  5. (Habitable Zone) Toranz (Large Terrestrial World ) Size 5, 2 moons
  6. Asteroid Belt
  7. (Outer Zone) Erco (Large Terrestrial World) Size 6, 1 moon
  8. (Outer Zone) Bermey (Large Ice World) Size 9
  9.  (Outer Zone) Shaloob (Planetoid) Size 2

  • Education Facility (30 inhabitants - Trade: Terraforming Practices) in orbit around Schofield
  • Complex of Education Facilities (3 sites, populations 700, 50, 30 - Science: Astrophysics) in the Asteroid Belt
  • Communications Facility (20 inhabitants, In System), in orbit around Shaloob
  • Science Lab (20 inhabitants - Artificial Materials, Theory, Private), in orbit around Etzina's moon
  • Wind Farm (20 inhabitants) on the surface of Isenberg's first moon
  • Solar Energy Orbital Facility (4,000 inhabitants) in orbit around Etzina
  • Solar Energy Orbital Facility (700 inhabitants) in orbit around Kannaday - rival to the Etzina facility
  • Hospital Facility (8,000 inhabitants) dispersed platforms (3) in orbit around Etzina
  •  Corporate Facility (4,000 inhabitants) underground on Kannaday
  • Major Cargo Port (8,000,000 workers and family members) on surface of Isenberg
  • Naval Weapons Station (600,000 staff) in orbit around Toranz
  • Fuel Extraction Site (1,000,000 workers and family members) on surface of Erco
The planet of Etzina itself has 6 major political units (Nations), and an additional 10 significant political units.

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