Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Traveller Tuesdays - Planetary Map, Etzina (Ark/0401)

Mapping the home world of a system gives both the referee and the players something to consider when they think of that system, and the sorts of in-game activities that can take place there.

Taking the basic information that was generated for Etzina as the basis, the following map was generated for the planet.

Each hex is 128km across.  There are some key physical features (notably, oceans and major mountain ranges) marked, as well as the capitol cities of the six main political bodies.
A - Sea of Delights
B - Mare Tiffany
C - Mare Huey
D - Mare Cottage
E - Mare Glamis
F - Graham Mountains
G - Molineux Mountains
H - Braithwaite Mountains

1. Norunis ("Megacity One") - Population 180million
2. Mardt Arcology ("The Hive") - Population 130million
3. Kraits Polis - Population 75million
4. Flodden Arcology - Population 85million
5. Maisen ("The First Colony") - 110million
6. Frigina Polis - Population 150million

One of the curious features of Etzina is that the combination of small diameter, extreme mountains, and the very thin atmosphere, has meant that the climate and weather have eliminated the polar caps.

A small world (diameter 4) with such a high population (1billion) has come about because of the extremely dense population cities that are the heart of the various "nations" on Etzina.  Each of the original colony sites has become a city-state in its own right.  There are an additional 250-300million inhabitants outside the city states - these are nomads, argrarians, and dwelling in much smaller habitations (small cities, towns, etc).

Each of the city states represents an area where the marked hex, and the surrounding land hexes, are dominated by huge spiraling structures (even though some of the cities may have started out as a single arcology structure, the population demands have led to clusters of arcologies).

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