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Traveller Tuesdays - Etzina System Map

While the system details of Etzina have already been presented, and a map of the main world has already been presented, here is a graphical version of the system map, with some more details on the contents.

The 6935 Mao Xiu System (Etzina, Ark/0401)

System: Etzina (0401 A454979-E)
Star: 6935 Mao Xiu (Jump shadow extends past first three orbits)
  1. (IZ) Schofield (Small Ice World) Size 2 (inside Jump shadow)
  2. (IZ) Isenberg (Small Terrestrial World) Size 3, 2 moons (inside Jump shadow)
  3. (HZ) Kannaday (Terrestrial World) Size 7 (inside Jump shadow)
  4. (HZ) Etzina (Terrestrial World) Size 4, 1 moon
  5. (HZ) Toranz (Large Terrestrial World ) Size 5, 2 moons
  6. Asteroid Belt
  7. (OZ) Erco (Large Terrestrial World) Size 6, 1 moon
  8. (OZ) Bermey (Large Ice World) Size 9
  9.  (OZ) Shaloob (Planetoid) Size 2
IZ is the Inner Zone (planets generally too hot/radiated to support life)
HZ is the Habitable Zone (planets with a magnetosphere may support life)
OZ is the Outer Zone (planets generally have too little solar energy to support life)

Schofield is itself not inhabited, but in orbit is Research Station Meyrs, which is an educational facility run by the Viron corporation, out of Norunis City on Etzina.  It is trained to support the education of terraforming engineers and scientists, and they are working on a long term project to give Schofield an artificial magnetosphere.  The station has a population of 30 inhabitants - 10 professors and scientists and 20 students.

Isenberg has a major colony (Optic City) on its surface, with a population of 8 million.  Rather than being under the control of the main world (Etzina) in the system, this colony is leased by the Sphere Fenix government itself.  Its purpose is to operate a "duty free trade port" apart from the main starport in the system, which is associated with the city state of Norunis on Etzina.  Most of Optic City is underground, although there are a few hardened domes on the surface.  The main part of the Starport (which is rated as a B class starport) is on the surface (Sanders Downport), but there is also an orbital facility (Chen-Sanders Highport).  On the first moon of Isenberg, Mandi, there is a very large wind facility (Mandi has a strange chemical mix of an atmosphere, but it also has almost constant high speed wind currents), that generates and then broadcasts its power to a series of relay satellites.  This (multi-gigawatt) operation is what powers Optic City and the starport.

Kannaday operates an orbital solar power station (with 700 Naval personnel and contractors) for the Sphere Fenix Navy.  The captured electricity is is used to charge high capacity chemical batteries and then shipped off to Haven Station, in orbit around Torranz.

Etzina itself has six main political units - the six major city states (ranging in size from 75 million at Kraits Polis, to 180 million at Norunis).  In orbit around Etzina is one of the main operations that represents a cooperative effort between the six city states - the Ford-Basel Power Station - a solar power station that provides ample, free power to the six city states.  The Power Station is an orbital facility, with a crew of 4,000 workers, it is a large, dispersed facility.  Other than the orbital docking bays of the main starport (operated by Norunic city, under Starport Authority permission by Sphere Fenix), the other major orbital facility around the main world is a series of microgravity medical facilities (Chandler Research Hospital).  This is operated by the Maisen Medical School (Maisen was the first colony on Etzina, and remains the oldest city state).

Sindar, the moon of Etzina, has a private research lab in orbit around it. The lab is owned by by a patent company, owned Ling Standard Products (a mining and materials megacorporation centered in the Imperium), and the facility is called the Chung-Hayden Materials Lab.  It is concerned with nano-assemblers that can take raw matter and automate the construction of artificial materials with heightened strength.  The facility has a regular population of 20.

The Sphere Fenix Navy operates Haven Station - a major orbital naval weapons facility in orbit around Torranz.  There are not civilian facilities in or around Torranz, and other than Naval ships the world is considered to be a red zone to all other traffic.  The population of the orbital facilities (which are quite large, and include a variety of defense capabilities including system boats, weapon satellites and so forth) is approximately 600,000.  The Sphere Fenix Navy regularly operates passenger service for duty personnel, to and from the six cities on Etzina and Optic City on Isenberg.

The asteroid belt, which is simply called the Mao Xiu Belt, features a series of three inter-supporting astrophysics educational facilities, operated by the Mardt Science University (Mardt is one of the cities on Etzina).  The largest facility, Jung Observatory has a population of 700, on the surface of asteroid RP-691.  The other two, Jung Annex (population 50) and the Cotter Data Center (population 30) are station keeping free fall facilities.

The planet of Erco is rich in certain heavy metals, and an extraction facility (operated by Mul-Cheats Inc., the Ling Standard patent company that also operates the research lab at Sindar) has grown up there to mine and ship the product.  The population of the facility on the surface is approximately 900,000 (a full colony, with families and civic structure, but under company control), but the mined product are then launched into orbit by accelerator, where an orbital reclamation facility captures them for transport.  The orbital facility (Erco Port) is also a colony, with a further population of 100,000.  The population of the whole Erco system keep to themselves, speak Vilani rather than the mixture of Solomani languages used in the rest of the Etzina system, and view themselves as ex-patriates of the Imperium.  The world and its moon are held under patent by Mul-Cheats, Inc.

No one has found any reason, so far, to exploit Bermey.  Additional surveys of the world are constantly called for by the various city states of Etzina, yet nothing has happened yet.  It may be a political hot potato.

Shaloob is the home to an orbital communications station - a private courier service called Holder Services, that runs couriers within the Etzina system, and also stages for commercial pickup and delivery by ships from outside the system.  The station, called Holder/Etzina Station, has 20 workers and is a largely automated station (the crew are augmented by automatic systems in the station, and a variety of robots).

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