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Traveller Tuesdays - Planetary Map for Nibok (Ark/0302)

[It's not Tuesday, but still - some Traveller material from my ongoing development of the 10 systems in the Etzina Passage]

Quoted from the original posting on the Nibok System, we know this about the main world:
Nibok itself is a small world, the surface is reasonably diverse, with spread out mountains following the edges of the planet plates.  There are three major seas, and the population (100 million) is located mostly in the cities surrounding the seas.  The three seas are the Calmly Sea, the Serene Sea, and finally the Placid Sea.  The various cities are all controlled by a centrally controlled bureaucracy.  Appointments are by technical examination, and the senior organizing council are chosen by retired workers by bi-annual lot.  The main city, Choden (population 30 million), is home to the organizing council.  The main starport is an island in the middle of the Serene Sea, and is connected to a number of the surrounding population centers by a network of public high-speed tube trains.  The groups of cities around each of the three seas are all also so connected.
Taking a look at the map, we can see the three seas, and some other details.  Each hex here is 96km across.  The population, as you can see, is highly concentrated in 9 cities representing 76 million of the total planetary population (100 million).  The remaining population is located in much smaller settlements, and approximately 10 million represent a demographic that has decided to inhabit the lands in and around the central forests just south of the Glynn Jungle.  This population are called the Harp Climbers. These make their home in tree houses, in the towering multi-trunked Harp trees common to the region.  A Harp tree is a lot like a banyan tree from Earth, except that Harp trees can have trunks that each perhaps 20-25 feet in diameter, and the tree itself is massive, towering almost to the heights of a Giant Redwood from Earth.  The canopy of a single Harp tree can be hundreds of meters across, and multiple families are likely to have complex structures built in the extensive branch and trunk structures of one of these giants.

First, there are a number of major geographical features that are named.  These include:
  1. The Calmly Sea - with the polar ice flows at the northern tip, and the hilly Knotly rainforests at the southern tip.  Location of the Northern Fold of Cities.
  2. The Serene Sea, with Losel Island at the center, home to Losel Downport (the main starport of the world). Location of the Central Fold of Cities.
  3. Viron Mountains - home to many mining ventures by various corporations.
  4. Treacle Mountains - many toxic vents from the geothermic activity throughout this volatile border between planetary plates keep much life from this area.
  5. Glynn Jungle - a pre-sentient race of reptilian bipeds occupy much of this jungle.  To the immediate south, as the land dries out, and the vegetation becomes less dense, the giant Harp trees are home to the Harp Climber tribes of humans.
  6. Sobear Mountains - Unlike the Treacle Mountains in the northern hemisphere, these towering peaks are home to a wide variety of different types of life.  Very popular as a hunting destination, for leisure.
  7. Fannon Jungle - Curious ruins (pre-human) are located here.
  8. The Placid Sea - Main source of foodstuffs for the 100 million inhabitants of Nibok. Location of the Southern Fold of Cities.
In addition to the various geographical features, there are also a number of main settlements on the world.  As mentioned, the world is under a single, centrally controlled, bureaucracy.  The majority of the population, however, live in a number of cities.  Here are the names, and a few details.

  1. Dorji City (5 million)
  2. Losel Downport
  3. Choden City (30 million) - Seat of the planetary government (the Shrove Council)
  4.  Sonam  (3 million)
  5. Sangay (20 million) - Built around Sird Temple, seat of the Zen-Sird Religion
  6. Kencho (8 million)
  7. Dawa Port (3 million)
  8. Chencho (2 million)
  9. Sherig City (3 million)
  10. Lopen  (4 million)
The four southern cities (Dawa Port, Chencho, Sherig City and Lopen), all around the Placid Sea, are referred to as the Southern Fold, and the three cities along the coasts of the Calmly Sea (Sonam, Sangay and Kencho) are referred to as the Northern Fold.  The two cities of Choden City and Dorji City, along with Losel Downport, are referred to as the Central Fold.  Losel Downport, and the accompanying starport city on the island surrounding it, are under the direct control of the Sphere Fenix Port Authority, but are still considered part of the Central Fold when the population of locals that work at the starport are part of the conversation.

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