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Traveller Tuesday - System Details for the Nibok System (Ark/0302)

System Details - Nibok (Ark/0302)

Nibok      0302 C354888-B              110 Sx
UWP:C354888-BLocation:Crucis Margin/0302System:Nibok
Starport:CRoutine Starport (Shipyard: None; Repair: Major; Fuel: Unrefined)
Planetary Size:3Small (e.g. Mercury) (4,000-5,599km)
Hydrosphere:4Wet World (35 - 44% water)
Government:8Civil Service Bureaucracy. (Government by agencies employing individuals selected for their expertise)
Law Level:8High Law (Blade Weapons Controlled)
Tech Level:BAverage Interstellar Community
Zone:Green: Unrestricted
# of Planetoid Belts:1# of Gas Giants:0
Choden City, on the low gravity world of Nibok

So the Nibok system is somewhat interesting, from a astrographical perspective, in that it has no gas giants, and only one asteroid belt.  Relying on the details from Mongoose, as well as the article posted here at Gaming with Chuck on detailing system contents, here are the results for the Nibok System.

Graphical presentation of Nibok System
 Following the method there were 8 planetary orbits generated, including the one for Nibok itself.  Detailing those, we get the following:
  1. Moray Belt - Asteroid field (inside the Inner Zone) (inside the Jump Shadow)
  2. Gunnel I - Planetoid (size 0) (inside the Inner Zone) (inside the Jump Shadow)
  3. Nibok - Main World (size 3) (inside the Habitable Zone)
  4. Turbot - Ice World (size 5)  (inside the Outer Zone) One moon, Kelpie
  5. Fringehead - Ice World (size 7) (inside the Outer Zone)
  6. Little Sole - Rock World (size 2) (inside the Outer Zone) One moon, Flounder
  7. Gunnel II - Planetoid (size 0) (inside the Outer Zone)
  8. Halfmoon - Ice World (size 6) (inside the Outer Zone) One moon, Gemstone
There are a number of very interesting facilities to be found in this system.  Here they are, working out from the Moray Belt.

Moray Belt has some experimental mining operations going on, but the heavy radiation and heat from the system's primary mean that it is largely robotic.

Gunnel I has an orbiting facility operated by a science team from Etzina, operating a nature preserve for various species of Luminovores.

Nibok, other than being home to 100 million people (extremely crowded for a size three planet), also has two very large orbital science facilities, and an orbital recreation facility.
  • The first science facility is operated by the Sphere Fenix government, and is a secret biology lab.  
  • The second science facility is operated by Larson Metals - a subsector sized corporation, researching microgravity materials construction. 
  • The recreation facility is a large, dispersed, Skiff racing course.  Skiffs are very high performance spaceships (no jump drive), sort of like a Yacht in the 50-100 ton range.  The wealthy will own or sponsor one, and they participate in races - the facilities are observation platforms, casinos, and Skiff maintenance facilities.
Turbot has a very large (7,000 persons) manufacturing facility in orbit.  Heavy industrial power generators and ship reactors are made there, by a workforce heavily augmented by robotics.

Fringehead is off limits, under interdiction by the Nibok Planetary Government.  It is suspected that some very interesting find has been located on the surface.

The moon Flounder, of Little Sole, has a monastic retreat on it, dedicated to Ren Toptio, a mystic tradition that involves body control and martial arts.  There are perhaps 50 monks, and as many as 100-200 students there at any time.

Halfmoon has been determined to be a captive planet, not originally formed form the primary that gave birth to the other bodies in the system.  The surface is incredibly rich in minerals, and was once home to a very diverse biosphere.  It is too far out, too cold, and too airless to be habitable now, however there is a huge industry of orbital food production facilities, housing 400,000 workers and support staff and family members, in a dispersed platform structure orbiting the planet.  The moon, Gemstone, has the headquarters located on the surface, of the "Halfmoon Resource Company" that runs the operation.

Nibok itself is a small world, the surface is reasonably divers, with spread out mountains following the edges of the planet plates.  There are three major seas, and the population (100 million) is located mostly in the cities surrounding the seas.  The three seas are the Calmly Sea, the Serene Sea, and finally the Placid Sea.  The various cities are all controlled by a centrally controlled bureaucracy.  Appointments are by technical examination, and the senior organizing council are chosen by retired workers by bi-annual lot.  The main city, Choden (population 30 million), is home to the organizing council.  The main starport is an island in the middle of the Serene Sea, and is connected to a number of the surrounding population centers by a network of public high-speed tube trains.  The various cities are all also so connected.

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