Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Wargame Wednesdays - Gaming Bonanza, compliments USPS

So, in returning from a trip this past Monday, I was pleasantly surprised to see the post was STUFFED full of gaming packages that I had been waiting for.  All of them arrived over the weekend while I was gone.  This included:

30x Dungeon Doors (in 28mm) made from Resin, and recv'd from Naloomi's Workshop.All of the ones I received (ordered) are the model on the top right - with the metal reinforced wooden door.  Very useful for RPG games.

Bones Vampire Kickstarter from Reaper (over 200 figures), plus two Reaper paint sets (24 paints)

Death of 1st Panzer (from Lock N Load Games) this is an add on to World at War (I have the first game, Eisenbach Gap, and this one adds scenarios and units for West German forces)  This module (the West Germans) is going to be include din the upcoming Deluxe Eisenbach Gap boxed set.

Dawn's Early Light (from Lock N Load Games) set in the same "historical" setting as the World at War series (where WW3 started between NATO and the Warsaw Pact in 1985), this one is a higher level game about the push through Eisenbach Gap in Germany.

The Last Argument of Kings (from Warlord Games) this is a supplement to the Black Powder miniature rules and covers the warfare of the 18th century.  Being evaluated for several projects, my own Imaginations games as well as American War of Independence and French & Indian War.

Maurice (from Sam Mustafa's Honour game system) this is a new stand alone set of rules, which I ordered along with a full set of Card Decks to play it, for 18th century battles.  Same uses as Last Argument of Kings, but this one comes with a lot of built in support for Imaginations campaigning. Nice review here.

In Her Majesty's Name - A set of skirmish rules for doing late 19th century adventure games in a Victorian Science Fiction setting (I am not a fan of the term Steampunk).  The rules look pretty good, as do all the supporting materials, like a planned supplement, and really nice miniatures from North Star Figures.

As you can see, I have plenty of goodies to keep myself busy for the summer.  Between my online gaming activities, some in-town boardgaming, and the occasional miniatures project - as well as solo wargames, and some Euros played with the family and on vacation trips - I have more gaming hobby than I have time for this summer.

I am planning on doing some reviews of these, in the next few weeks, as I have time.  But expect, first, to see a review of In Her Majesty's Name...

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