Saturday, October 5, 2013

Game Day at our house, last weekend

So, we had a number of folks come over our house last weekend, and play some games.  There were some new people we had met in Columbus - Jason and Kylie, as well as Bob and his college aged daughter Amber, and our daughter Heidi brought her high school friend, Sailor Ann, over to play.  It was a great mix, and we had a great time.

Games played included big games of both 6 Nimmt (also called Category 5) and Bohnanza (using the supplemental cards, which I believe now come in the base game).  Both of those games were a big hit!  The Cows of 6 Nimmt were easily matched for excitement and funny comments by the Beans of Bohnanza.  As usual, with our German version of Bohnanza, without German speakers in the game, we made up our usual funny names for the bean (poopy bean, angry bean, etc).

German version (that we own) of 6 Nimmt - "6 Takes It"

Some of the many, exciting, cows - or Hornochsen, in 6 Nimmt!

The Rio Grande (U.S.) version of Bohnanza - we actually own the Amigo German version

The eleven types of Beans in the basic game, and first expansion, plus the Third Bean Field card

These games had everyone in a great mood, and it was made even better by dinner - Anita served up some delicious home made chili and corn bread muffins, and we then followed up with Cake that was made by Amber.  She decorated the cake with the cover art from Ticket to Ride.  The TtR cover art was on the top of the cake, and the scoring track was around the side of the cake.  It was a quite good confetti cake.

We then split up into two groups - one group played Ticket to Ride, and the other played Ticket to Ride Europe.  In addition to the basic game, there were some extra pieces used in the North America version - they used the wooden replacement train pieces that we own, as well as the Halloween Fright Train pieces from Days of Wonder.

Finally, after the Ticket to Ride fest, the evening rounded out by the remaining five gamers (myself, Jason, Kylie, Amber, and Bob) playing a game of Power Grid.  We used the standard US board since not too many of us had played before, and it was a really good time. 

All-in-all a great social event, and a great boardgaming get together.  We'll do it again in about a month.

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