Saturday, October 5, 2013

Great reviews of old Amber Zone articles

The blog Deep in the Stacks has had some really good reviews of old Amber Zone articles.  Amber Zones were articles (first in the Journal of the Traveller's Aid Society, then elsewhere) that detailed the outline of an adventure.  They would describe the situation, the patron, the payoff, and the basic activities that the players would have to go through.  As well as, often, a series  of possible complications or outcomes. In short, it is an outline for a game scenario. for the GM to use to run a self contained adventure.

What the author of Deep in the Stacks (one of my favorite blogs - combines gaming with orthodox Christian philosophy and other stuff, like a love of books) has added to his reviews is some additional information that might be relevant to the GM of today who is going to pick up the adventure and run it.  Like in the article reviewing the adventure "Ticket to Swords" by Robert Camino.  The blog author has crafted a very nice map of the setting for the adventure (which features the players serving as officers of a mercenary unit that gets hired to train some locals to defend against a rebel uprising). 

I can recommend two things - first, follow Deep in the Stacks, and second, never give up on the goodness of those old adventures.

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