Sunday, November 13, 2016

Current Projects - Autumn Gaming

This Autumn has been a great time, and a tough time, from the perspective of my hobby. I have had lots of time to spend writing reviews and working on articles and rules, and also some painting activities, but I haven't gamed since September, and had to miss Fall In.  Here is a rundown on the projects I have been working on...

I have been keeping up my research and work on the Once and Future Rules project, with upcoming reviews on Koenig Krieg and Angriffe, and some more ECW rules (Protz and 1644). Many others on the stack.

Writing an article that reviews and compares three different board games on the American Revolutionary War.

Finishing up my campaign rules (Lord of the Manor) for Chainmail. This was instigated by my recent review series.

Finishing up a set of Viking age skirmish rules ("By the Runes!").

Not much with RPGs right now.

Planning some Thanksgiving Weekend gaming (Frostgrave, Lion Rampant, and board games).

On the painting table, some things have been happening...

About two-thirds done with reorganizing and re-basing a large (2000+ figures) 15mm High Medieval collection.

Re-basing some Renaissance 15mm figures.

Reorganizing my AWI figures (maybe on hold for now...)

Building 15mm stone walls. Also planning to paint some Baueda 15mm wattle walls.

Painting some buildings (finishing desert buildings in 15mm, and starting some half timbered medieval buildings).

Prepping some 28mm medieval figures (from my dormant WotR project, now un-dormant).

Sorting out some crossbow figures in 15mm that can be either late Medieval, or Italian wars.  This will probably be my next 15mm paint project.

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