Friday, March 21, 2008

From downtown Neptune City, to Moon Ape space stations

Played another installment of Neptune City Champions (Modern Day) last night.

The three heroes (Sandor the Mystic, Element Master, and Strongarm) were investigating the source of the high-tech smuggling operation going on in Neptune City's underworld, and traced it to the villain, The Squid, whom everyone thought was long since retired.

Element Master did some detective work, and quickly found that The Squid was using an abandoned waterfront factory as a hideout. They zoomed off to investigate, when they realized that some missing children were tracked to that building.

Upon investigating, the heroes did not find The Squid, but rather a micro-robot who set a trap for them. They were teleported to a domed city on the Moon.

The inhabitants of the domed city - the Moon Apes - attacked the "intruders" from Earth. A fight ensued, and it was only the Moon Ape Mentalist, 'Green Humanoid', who read the mind of Strongarm, and determined that the heroes were not foes. They were sent back to Earth, a little wiser, and a little more educated about the strange inhabitants of the Solar System, but no closer to tracking down The Squid, or whoever was behind the smuggling of the High Technology!

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