Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Miniatures at Cold Wars

I am involved in two miniatures events at Cold Wars 2008.

The first is Warhammer Historical Battles. I will be playing in a doubles tournament with Chris Borucki - I will be bringing my Early Imperial Romans.

The second is a game of The Sword and the Flame. This is an actual Con game, in the Preliminary Event Listing, taking place on Friday. It will be a Northwest Frontier Game, with the British against the Pathans. This game will be held Friday, March 7, at 2pm in the Colonials Room at the convention. Here is the write up.
F-441 The Heights At Jasani Colonial; 2 PM; Length: 4 hrs; Location: New Holland; Table: NH-1; Hosted by: Chuck Turnitsa; Scale: 25mm; Sponsored by: Old Dominion Military Society; Rules: TSATF/20; No. of Players: 6.
The Jasani Pass is the only way to get from the British Cantonment to the old Mughal fortress at Dhivalgar. Keeping the Pass open and free from marauding Pathan raiders is a daunting challenge but one the Colonel from the Cantonment must face. The local Pathan tribes have been brought together in a rare moment of cooperation by the local Mulla in an effort to rid the mountains of the hated Ferengi. The struggle for this small, insignificant mountain pass crescendos as the players try to best each other.

I hope to see you there!

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