Monday, March 17, 2008

'Twas a Sunday Night

A Sunday night without the family. Jon K was due to come over, and have dinner with us. But I just couldn't sit in an empty house and cook - so we went out for chinese buffet. Make mine Mongolian. And then, to follow up with the Mongolian theme, we went over to Carl's House (AKA - the Hangar) and played a game of Oasis. Mongol Hordes as far as the eye can see. And the occasional Ovoo. Whatever they are.

I love Oasis - there is just enough planning, and enough "stick it to your neighbor" that it is more of a thinking game than a drinking game. You could play it as a mindless reactionary drinking game - which we have - but it really has some nice strategy involved. And you don't have to be a card counter like John S to make it count.

While over at the Hangar, we discussed Peter Pig, and the prospects of further Peter Pig imports to Brookhurst Hobbies (the US source for the Pig). Probably not, with the weak dollar. And it looks as if the fine folks at the Pig (more Oink for your Buck) are looking to distribute directly more often. Sigh. That means I may have to go to UK with my Russian Civil War business. So be it.

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