Thursday, April 3, 2008

Gnomes in 4ed AD&D

Uncle Bear has an article pointing out that WOTC has decided to drop Gnomes as a pc.

One more reason for me to stick with Castles and Crusades. I don't mind using rules from 1st and 2nd AD&D, but once the game lost its TSR label, it went down hill, in my opinion.

Dropping Gnomes? They gotta be nuts.

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Egyptoid said...

did you ever play 3rd Ed with me ?

well then we understand your prejudices...

chuck said...

I'd be willing to play just about anything, in our group, but as for running it - I tried. I really did. But it left me weeping and wounded. After watching several pints of my lifes blood spill out on the floor, in which several innocent bystanders slipped and fell, one of them breaking her neck and perishing noisily, the shrieks of which upset a nearby pregnant woman into going into labor early, then I decided not to run the game any longer.