Friday, April 25, 2008

Orcs - Defended

Orcs are cooler. Nuff sed.

Here are some stats (increasingly levels of interest) of orc warriors. Note these use the houserules from our C&C campaign - which means weapon specialization, advanced initiative rules, and non-weapon proficiencies

1st Level - warrior
1HD 6HP AC15 (scale mail and shield), broadsword (+2, 3/2 att, init+6, 2d4+2dam), throwing axe (+1, rng10, init+4, 1d6dam) saves:Phys, skills: fire building, direction sense, language(common), animal lore

3rd Level - hunter
3HD 18HP AC16 (scale mail, shield, dex), short bow (+6, rng60ft, 2 att, init+6, 1d6+1dam), large mace (+4, init+8, 1d10+1dam), dagger (+4, init+2, 1d4+1dam), saves:Phys, skills: tracking, running, bowyer/fletcher, language(common)

5th Level - mercenary
5HD 30HP AC16 (steel breastplate, dex), flamberge (+7, 3/2 att, init+8, 2d4+6dam), hvy crossbow (+6, 1/2 att, init+10, 1d10+1dam), battle axe (+6, init+6, 1d8+2dam), saves:Phys, skills: riding, gaming, weather sense, direction sense, language(common)

7th Level - captain
7HD 49HP AC18 (full chain, shield, dex), long sword (+10, 2 att, init+6, 1d8+4dam), godentag (+9, 3/2 att, init+6, 1d6+5dam), saves:Phys, skills: healing, language(common), rope use


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