Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Assembling Fort Khalaam

At Colonel Campbell's Barracks there is an excellent series of how-to articles, followed by a scenario and after action report, where a home-made Colonial Wargaming fort, made for gaming in the Northwest Frontier (of India) is presented.

This fort is made of yogurt tubes and pink board, similar to the project that appeared on the Major General's web site some years ago. Very nice project, Colonel Campbell, and as always we are all in debt (in the Colonial Wargaming arena) to Major General Tremordan Rederring.


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ColCampbell50 said...


Thanks for posting this on your blog. I had fun building it and it will see use in more places than the North Central Frontier of Aooghastan. I think it may also be featured in some Medieval battles as well somewhere down the road.