Thursday, June 18, 2009

Hordes of the Things - Two Battles

There are some great photos of our game at Egyptoid's gaming blog (Gameroid).

We played two games on Tuesday evening. The first was my new Lunar Empire army (with help from the Horned Men - a chaos mercenary band consisting of 6 hordes elements) against Elliott's Steampunk dwarves, complete with three airboats. The Lunars had 6xSpear, 1xHero(General), 1xMagician, and 4xHordes.

The Lunars were doing well, with a 10AP to 4AP lead, when the Dwarves killed my General. That made it 10AP to 8AP (not enough for a win for the Dwarves). The next turn I killed another Dwarf element, giving me 12AP, which was a win. A very, very tough fight, but a good first showing for the Lunars.

The second battle was my army of the Rivermen of Bissel Stone. A new army, based on some old Bladestorm figures, I think they were the Fishermen of Soluthurn. The game is described online at link and link.

In this battle, things went worse for me, as I fell to Elliott's dwarven army (again). This time the dwarves traded out their airboats for much faster, but less effective, flyer elements. Against them, I had my army of 2xBlades, 2xSpear, 2xShooter, 2xWarband, 1xHero(General), 1xCleric, and 1xLurker. This game, I lost handily with a General kill. Both games good, looking forward to more at Historicon.

Photos compliments of Elliott. Lunar Empire based on various Glorantha histories and gaming writeups over the years (thanks to Gregg Stafford and the rest of the Runequest writers).

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