Thursday, June 25, 2009

Historicon getting closer - more Hordes painting!

With Historicon only three weeks away, I am working away on some last minute Hordes elements.

I am finishing up "Raza the Hunter" and "Sethmak the Hippo God". Here are some photos.

Here is the Hippo God from the front. Bad photo, but you can see a stray Riverman and some female Royal Warders, doing the Elf-King's bidding (and having their paint completed) in the background. The Hippo God himself is mounted on a Tester's plastic cement jar for painting.

Here we see Sethmak from the side. Now also appearing are the Four Jackals, also being painted. They, and the rest of their diabolical order (desert Assassins of the Ebon Temple) should be ready for Historicon.

Here we have Raza the Hunter, being completed. What you don't see in the photo (as bad as it is...) are the heads that Raza has already collected, hanging from the back of his sash. He will be mounted as a Hero element for Hordes (60x40mm), but that allows him to be used for a number of other types, as well. Lurker? Cleric? Interesting. The weighted chain he is using is a blunt instrument, so in all old-school D&D goodness, he could certainly serve as a cleric. And the fact that he is a stealthy hunter leads one to buy into the Lurker line as well. We'll see how it goes in Lancaster.

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