Friday, May 28, 2010

Balkanian Jitters

Excitement grows at "Gaming with Chuck" in anticipation of the Wargames Factory figures for War of the Spanish Succession being released. Of course, that is not what the staff of GwC are planning on using them for. Actually, a small war (The War of the Pumpkin-King Succession) between two Balkanian states is planned for these figures, although the uniforms of Poppenheim and Bombastia (curiously) mimic the uniforms of the Swedish and Russians during the Great Northern War.

A great set of photos from a wargame of that OTHER conflict (GNW) is located at this Ilkley Lads associated website. Very nice 28mm figures, some in game shots, and some in (apparently) posed shots. All very nice. I like the paint jobs on the figures, and the basing is interesting.

A much later matchup between the Swedes and the Russians was in 1808-1809. There is a terrific website that details much about that war (with a lot of good resources). The pictures of the lovely Poppenheim and Bombastia female troopers in this posting come from that website (where they were Erroneously identified as Swedish and Russian troopers).

It came to me this morning in a flash. If I am planning on doing 24 figure battalions for the Balkanian conflict, then I can certainly do 36 figure battalions. That would amount to something like 24 Musketeers (including officers, etc), on four stands. Plus a stand of 6 Pikemen (actually the officers, etc, could be on this stand), and a stand of 6 Grenadiers (that could be peeled off for converging). All on stands 60mm wide by 40mm deep. Ooh. Shiny.

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